A touch up within 6-10 weeks is $50.  per procedure. The skin needs to heal, and also lighter brow color's need to settle. The touch up is a perfecting session. To ensure the color is wide enough, thick enough , dark enough and symmetrical. The procedure will peel within a weeks time. Then you will schedule a follow if need be. Occasionally a third session is needed.
After 6 weeks color refreshing is priced on a sliding scale. There will be a percentage off yearly.  After four years a 5% discount will apply.
Refreshing other peoples work. Full price the 1st time.

After care instructions will be given to insure you heal properly and to help maintain the color for long lasting results
A color refresh is available and the amount of time between color refreshment varies greatly. There are many factors that contribute to this with the permanent makeup lasting from two to ten year






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